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Animal Complaints

Please be courteous and keep your pet from defecating, urinating, or creating any other mess on private property.  Ensure you clean up after your pet at all times.

The Animal Control Officer for the City of Steinbach handles all animal complaints. He will respond to calls that involve loose, injured, or captured animals whether domestic or livestock. Other animal related issues such as barking dogs, animals causing a nuisance, animals defecating on public or private property, neglected animals, animal bites, and removing wild animals from structures will also be dealt with by this contractor.


There is no charge for services provided by the Animal Control Officer. However, if your animal is picked up as the subject of a complaint, it may be subject to fines and impound fees.

Leash Law

The City of Steinbach has an Animal Control Bylaw which states that you cannot let your dog(s) run at large and not be secured by a leash, unless the animal is within the property limits of its owner or keeper. The animal must be under the control of a responsible person and be obedient to that person's voice commands.


The owner of a dog that is picked up in violation of the leash law will be subject to fines and impound fees.

Contact the Animal Control Officer at 204.223.5521 for filing of complaints or for requesting services.

Dog Licenses

If you are a resident of Steinbach and have a dog over the age of three months, you need to obtain a dog license for your pet.


Owners can apply for a dog license at City Hall.  The City requires information about the owner and about the pet you are licensing. Dog licenses are issued for the lifetime of your pet.


Neutered dog: $10.00
Un-neutered dog: $25.00
Replacement tag: $5.00
Transfer fee: $10.00

Impounded Pets

Contact Animal Control to confirm your pet has been impounded. If it has, you will need to pay the appropriate animal fines before you can reclaim your pet from the Animal Shelter.


Impoundment fee: $5.00 - $100
Animal Boarding fee: $5.00 - $10 per day 
*Fees vary depending on type of animal impounded, whether or not animal is licensed, and whether or not animal is aggressive.

Contact City Hall:  204.326.9877 or by e-mail at
Animal Control Officer:  204.223.5521

Steinbach's Animal Control Bylaw